Automated Machine Learning

July 8, 2022 Maitri Katti
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Any information technology intended to direct the operation of machines is referred to as machine automation. Many modern pieces of equipment come equipped with some kind of computer control. In many instances, business systems that supply control inputs are also connected to the machinery. In the discipline of data science, automated machine learning (Auto ML) is now one of the most dynamic sub fields.

Examples of Automation:

1) Automobiles: The automobile industry is both expensive and modern. Automobile operation methods are always evolving and becoming more automated. For instance, early automobiles relied on manual transmission systems, but in the modern day, automated transmission systems have taken the place of manual transmission systems. Instead of the conventional gear pair, AMT uses a planetary gear set.

2) Power Backup Devices: Power backup devices are the best examples of automation. Devices like UPS’s, inverters, etc. directly connect us to the backup power supply when the regular power supply fails. These gadgets are useful because they prevent the user from experiencing an abrupt power outage, which is very inconvenient. The device’s configuration and algorithm enable it to detect the requirement to turn on and off the operation as necessary.

3) Industrial Machinery: All tasks are carried out and handled manually by the workforce in small-scale companies. However, in large-scale industries, where the pace of production of goods is significantly higher, the situation is different. The demand for automatic robotic arms, conveyor belts, and other associated equipment grows as workload increases.

“Automatic machinery decreases the risk of human error and enables the work to be done quickly and consistently.”

4) Defense: Automatic ammunition is a good example of how automated technology is used in the military and in defense. The benefits are innumerable because they boost both operational quality and convenience. There is no need to continually reload the rifle with ammunition. In addition, automatic weapons operate smoothly and without recoil.

5) Escalators: The last few decades have witnessed significant changes in the human lifestyle. Escalators have made human life easier. These escalator sensors recognize the presence of a person and tend to move only when required. Once the sensors pick up the information, the escalator becomes operable and takes us to our destination.

Automation of machine learning is crucial because it enables businesses to drastically reduce the amount of knowledge-based resources needed to develop and deploy machine learning models. Organizations with less experience in the relevant fields, such as computer science or mathematics, can nonetheless use it effectively. This lessens the strain on both enterprises and data scientists to locate and stay in their current positions.

Automation in machine learning decreases the entry barriers for model creation, enabling previously excluded industries to benefit from machine learning. This fosters innovation opportunities and boosts market competition, which propels development.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


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